Spooling Winch System



Spooling Winch System

Promoter designs and fabricates various ranges of spooling winch tailored to user’s technical specification and operational requirement. The spooling winches are widely deployed in heavy duty offshore vessels, rigs and shores to coil up all kinds of ropes onto winch drums from both cranes and winches. The spooling winches come with constant tension feature to allow wire rope to be spooled under tension. Constant tensioning is very important when installing a wire rope onto a winch where a series of multiple layer of wire rope coiling exists. If insufficient back tensioning is produced, the wire rope on the top layers of the drum will be prone to cutting into the under layers upon load application. This will result in damages to the wire rope. Promoter’s spooling machine comes with skid-mounted type for ease of installation, and modular type for ease of transportation, based on wire size and reel weight.




  • Offshore Vessels (AHTS, PSV, OSV, AWB, PLB)
  • Shipyards
  • Dredging Vessels
  • Salvage and Wreck Removal
  • Marine Construction
  • Land Pulling for Pipeline Development



  • Diesel Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Pneumatic



  • Capacity ranging from 20 ton up to 300 ton (Reel Weight)
  • Modular Design for ease of installation and transportation
  • Constant Tension from 5 ton up to 30 ton
  • Highly environmental resistant paint coats
  • Local Control Panel (Fixed on frame or Standalone)
  • Remote Control Panel (Pendant Type)
  • Containerized Design



  • Constant Tension
  • Temperature, oil level measuring systems
  • Stainless steel IP 66/67 starter and junction boxes