Hydraulic Towing Winch



Hydraulic Towing Winch

Promoter produces a wide range of customised and standard winches available in single drum, double drum in line and double drum waterfall configuration engineered for constant tension, and rated for operation in hazardous environments including on-shore and off-shore. The drum capacity, nominal pull and brake holding, and structure design are made in accordance with client specifications, class society rules and oil field operator requirements. Design to onboard safety is pivotal to Promoter’s product development and innovation that guarantee the system reliability and long-term performance.



  • Cabling Laying for Shallow Water Cable Laying Barges
  • Pipe Laying for Pipe Lay Barges
  • Spread Mooring for Accommodation Barges, Maintenance Work Barges, and Offshore Support Vessels
  • Topsides and Jacket Transportation & Installation (T&I)
  • Constant Tension for Ties-in Subsea Pipeline
  • Salvage and Wreck Removal
  • Subsea Umbilical
  • Marine Construction and Jetty Development
  • Land Pulling for Pipeline Development
  • A-frame and Hoisting
  • Anchor Handling & Towing



  • Water-cooled Drag Brake
  • Smooth Drum & Groove Drum
  • Highly environmental resistant paint coats
  • Auto spooling device
  • Friction Clutch & Jaw Clutch
  • Built-in foundation skids
  • Manual overwrite band type brake system with fail-safe
  • Greasing system
  • Local Control Panel (Fixed on frame or Standalone)
  • Remote Control Panel (Bridge Control or Pendant Type)
  • Single Drum, Double Drum (In-line or Waterfall), Triple Drum (In-line or Waterfall)
  • Containerized Design for ease of transportation



  • Length, tension, temperature, oil level measuring systems
  • Bridge control, local control
  • Wired remote, radio remote controls
  • Constant tensioning systems
  • Video monitoring system
  • Stainless steel IP 66/67 starter and junction boxes