Anchor Handling Towing Winch



Anchor Handling Towing Winch

Promoter designs and manufactures a wide range of anchor handling and towing winch system based on a variety of bollard pull requirement. AHT winches are designed with hydraulic drive & spooling device, and sized up to 300 Ton capacity at 1st layer for rated pull and 600 Ton capacity at 1st layer for static brake holding.  The winches are available in waterfall (double drum/multiple drum) or/and side by side (in-line) configuration, and can be integrated with emergency release system and dynamic braking to facilitate high load / high speed lowering without de-clutching. The line tension monitoring, proximity sensors and data logging system can also be fitted in accordance with customer’s requirement.


Areas of Application

  • Anchor Handling Towing Supply Tugs
  • Towing Tugs
  • Harbor Tugs


Drive System

  • Electro Hydraulic Drive
  • Diesel Hydraulic Drive
  • Electric Variable Frequency Drive



  • Single/Double Drums Configuration
  • Local Control Stand
  • Three coat zinc and epoxy paint system
  • Single or variable speeds
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Load Tension & Wire payment monitoring system



  • Auto Tension System and Control
  • Bridge operated remote control system